This prime Jersey Shore plaza has many big plans in store. Those plans just got bigger. 

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The Eatontown Plaza on the corner of Routes 35 and 36 is badly in need of a facelift.

Google Maps
Google Maps

This space formerly occupied by Babies 'R Us could be jumping very soon based on new information out from the town and

First, let's look at what we already know is in store for the corner of 35 and 36.

Plans are already in place to bring in some very desired retailers and restaurants.

Popularity Of Fast Food Chicken Helps Drive Nationwide Chicken Shortages And Price Increases
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Chick-fil-a is already confirmed to be replacing Sawa Sushi. I hope they bring extra special sauce.

Bobby Berk Joins Sleep Number® To Offer Design Tips For Better Sleep
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A Sleep Number bedding store will be a part of the new and improved Eatontown Plaza as well. What's your number?

The most exciting potential addition is still being worked out by the town.

Are you ready? Seriously, are you ready? Look for the bullseye.

Target Reports 80 Percent Increase In Quarterly Profits
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There aren't many stores that are universally liked by just about everybody. This is one of them. Target.

David P. Willis, the man who knows what's opening and closing in Monmouth and Ocean counties is reporting that the Eatontown Planning Board is set to meet on September 20 to hear from the visionaries of the new Eatontown Plaza, or as they're known Eatontown 36 LLC. It is at this meeting that they will be pushing for a glorious new 60,000 square-foot Target.

The giant red retailer is popping up all over the Shore with hardly any complaints. The only complaint I have is that whenever I go in there looking to spend no more than 20 bucks, I walk out with $200. How does that always happen?!

Are you looking forward to a Target in Eatontown? What other store would you like to see open up in the new Eatontown Plaza? Let me know.



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