It's official! Big news coming out of Ocean Township. This week planners approved a proposal to bring Amazon to the Seaview Square shopping center. The former Sears store will now be a retail distribution center. The Sears store closed in 2018 and recently 'At Home' opened a store in the lower level of the building. Amazon will use the top level which is a 92,980 square-foot space. This location will be the final stop for packages before they are delivered to customers around the Jersey Shore and the entire state of New Jersey. It's important to note, customers will also be able to pick up packages at the new Amazon location in Ocean Township.

Ocean Township Mayor Christopher Siciliano is excited. He said, "This is the right spot, the perfect spot, for that use. It's a home-run, here we have this big building finally filled up." He added, "A lot of people are now shopping with delivery services rather than in-store visits. Everything about it is a win-win." KEEP SCROLLING FOR MORE:

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This is huge for the Jersey Shore and it's safe to say Amazon is taking over. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing? In a recent CNBC article, some will say Amazon is the most important company of the 2020s. They do what other companies say they do: focus relentlessly on customers and they are willing to experiment, fail and learn. However, as power grows, so will the criticism.

Are you excited about the new Amazon headquarters that's coming to the Jersey Shore? A special thank you to David. P Willis at the Asbury Park Press for breaking the story.

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