Must See Graduation Video
Everyone is celebrating the end of this crazy school year and everything that has gone on, it’s hats off to the schools, teachers, parents and kids. You all did a fantastic job getting through this year that was the Covid 19 Pandemic.
A Look at the Fantastic Philadelphia Flower Show
It’s underway and it’s fantastic…..the Philadelphia Flower Show 2021.The Show’s theme, “HABITAT: Nature’s Masterpiece”. This year the event is being held outdoors at FDR Park In Philadelphia. My wife and I took a tour this past weekend and wanted to s…
Caught on Camera?
I've been on a lot of investigations with the Garden State Ghost Hunters. We've gotten a lot of audio clips, plenty of strange things in pictures, but videos are the "holy grail" of paranormal investigating. And just recently we got one that we simply can not explain.
This Day In History – YouTube Launched [VIDEO]
On This Day in History, was launched.  A few months later the very first video was uploaded to the site.  The video was entitled "Me at the zoo" and was created by one of the founders of the site.  Enjoy this historic video HERE.