still protected no side effects

If You Don’t Get Side Effects From Vaccine, Is It Even Working? Here’s What Science Says
Most vaccines have some sort of side effects. I personally got my first shot (Pfizer) and as a result I had a very sore arm for about 24 hours, then I was just fine. I'm going to get my second shot in a few days and I'm a bit nervous but still totally on board. I'm sure I'll have aches and a fever for a day but I'm good with that. Some people recommended to take the day off work in advance while others experienced absolutely no side effects whatsoever. In a way, I wanted at least some side effects because I heard it was supposed to be a good sign if you did. Apparently that meant that the vaccine was working? Well, what does it mean for people who don't have any side effects? I think we are all a bit confused.