Baking Essentials for Holiday Treats
Baking for the holidays can be so much fun! Whether you're making cupcakes, sugar cookies, pies or cakes, I have a great list of baking essentials that will make this holiday baking season go so much smoother!
One Day A Year You Get to Call Your Own
Growing up I think we all looked forward to that one day a year. No, not Christmas, our Birthday. It's the one day of the year that belongs to "you" and "you" only. As kids you wake up to Mom, Dad, sisters and brothers saying "Happy Birthday.&quo…
Top 5 Christmas Movies
There is no shortage of holiday movies on TV this month - but which Christmas movie is the BEST!? Yes, there is nothing quite like a feel-good holiday movie in December and a recent Harris Poll has come up with the Top 5 of these Christmas classics...