Unexpected E-Mail From Berkeley Township Totally Made My Day
I'm approaching my 1-year anniversary as a resident of Berkeley Township. While there's been a lot to be happy about living here, not everything has thrilled me. Perhaps you can relate? So, this afternoon when I opened my e-mail and read the attachment I couldn't believe my eyes. I started forwarding it around to family and friends. Eureka!
My NJ COVID Tale; The Moment My Heart Sunk In Ocean County
I take COVID-19 seriously. I wear a mask. I social distance. I wash my hands. I sanitize. And because I do all those things, I never expected to be taking a rapid test for COVID-19. However, there I was on Thursday night. My experience was frustrating, uncomfortable, and frightful from beginning to end. But the words that came out of the nurse's mouth were most concerning to me. Here's what happened.
Take What You Get New Jersey: No Choice With The COVID Vaccine
I haven’t been vaccinated yet but I know which one of the three that I want. I’m a woman, I shop. I’ve done my homework and I know in my mind which one I think is best for me and my family but experts are telling us to go against everything Consumer Affairs has ever taught us and take the first vaccine we can get our hands on…they want us to settle and smile about it. NEXT!

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