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Big Update For This Local Brick Boy Dreaming Of Being On Broadway
We have SUCH cool update to this local story!!!!!!!!!! Here is what originally happened and make sure to scroll to the end and see the fantastic update! If you believe in the law of attraction and manifesting your own destiny (or even better, if you don't believe your thoughts will become your reality) you need to read this update!!!!!!!
Looking For a New Job In Brick? Let’s Help You Financially Recover
I was talking to a listener from Brick yesterday and she was venting to me about how hard it is recovering from COVID. She wasn't talking about recovering from having the virus herself, she was talking about her financial recovery. She was reduced to part time because of cut backs and her job promised to bring her back on full time as soon as they could but her savings are dwindling. She needs a new full time job with benefits close to home.