Both Pennsylvania and New Jersey are considered some of the best states to live in and according to Wallet Hub, the Garden State is the best of the best.

No, but really, we are not kidding. New Jersey was considered the best state to live in. Wallet Hub recently created a new survey showing which states are the best to live in and even though the state of New Jersey is considered the second least affordable state it still took the number one spot overall on the list of "2021's Best States to Live in."

We learned from Wallet Hub that the survey "compared the 50 states based on 52 key indicators of livability." It was also mentioned that the comparisons ranged from "housing costs and income growth to education rate and quality of hospitals."

Some of the survey categories included Affordability, Economic, Education & Health, Quality of Life, Safety. Here is where the Garden State landed on each of the category listings.

  • Affordability -  New Jersey took the 49th spot. That the most affordable state to live in that is for sure.
  • Economy - New Jersey took the 32nd spot. Not the greatest there either.
  • Education & Health - New Jersey took the 5th spot. Now that is something very good to know. We want to make sure our kids are getting the right education and we have good health in the state.
  • Quality of Life -  New Jersey took the 7th spot. This is impressive.
  • Safety -  New Jersey took the 1st spot. Living in a very safe state brings peace of mind.

From the looks of it, Education & Health, Quality of Life, and Safety are the categories that helped the Garden State take the number one spot overall as "2021's Best States to Live in."

Source: WalletHub

Pennsylvania was ranked 10th overall, which is great. Here are the rankings for Pennsylvania, according to Wallet Hub.

  • Affordability - Pennsylvania took the 30th spot.
  • Economy - Pennsylvania took the 42nd spot.
  • Education & Health - Pennsylvania took the 25th spot.
  • Quality of Life - Pennsylvania took the 2nd spot.
  • Safety - Pennsylvania took the 7th spot.

There you have it, you have to be very proud to be living in some of the best states. Wallet Hub also made it known that New Mexico was the "worst" state out of all 50 states in the U.S.

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