Not that we should be discussing junk food this close to the day we all eat our weight in candy, but in keeping with the spirit of not paying attention to our diets, we'll press on.

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A new survey conducted by Zippia examined residents' favorite junk food state-by-state. New Jersey's favorite is shared by five other states' residents. To be honest, it's hard to disagree with the findings. Zippia concluded after analyzing Google trends that that New Jerseyans prefer Oreos over 44 other junk food selections. How can anyone hate on Oreos? They're the people-pleasing cookie!

Even people that aren't a fan of Oreos in their original state may indulge with a little milk dunking. Then there's the fried Oreo component. Fried Oreos are a boardwalk favorite, so it's not super shocking to hear how much NJ loves them. You'd think that maybe pizza and/or hoagies would win out, but since they're not snack foods, they weren't even an option for those surveyed to choose from.

Other snacks on the list were Doritos, Lays, various candy bars, Cheez Its, Beef Jerky, and sunflower seeds. After examining the full list of snacks, Oreos seems like the right choice. In fact, it's probably safe to say that most of us Jersey residents have indulged on them TOO much in one sitting at one point or another. It's not hard to open a pack and 5 minutes later half of an entire sleeve is gone.

Check out the full list of snacks HERE to see if you would've picked the same.


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