Two snowstorms in one week were a surprise to many.  I don’t think anyone really expected to kick off the new year this way but when you see the pictures coming in from around the Jersey Shore, it becomes more and more tolerable.  I had to capture this on my drive on Friday morning.

Kyle Anthony
Kyle Anthony

Listen, this snow didn’t arrive in March or even early April, when everyone is ready for Spring to finally get here.  They happened in January.

This morning, Saturday, we woke up to mostly clear skies, so there was only one thing to do, capture the sunrise.

We busted out the winter jacket, hat, gloves, tripod, and headed to the beach in the Sunset Manor area.


Still, slowly, getting used to the cold, even while I was all bundled up – looking like that little kid Randy from a Christmas Story – I still felt the bite of a windy 21 degrees with a “feels like” temperature of 7 degrees.  I get why there’s a feels like temperature, but it should just say “it’s too cold to go outside.”

Once we were all set up, we waited, and waited, and waited.

Kyle Anthony
Kyle Anthony

Not only did we have this combination of sand and snow along the beach, still leading up to the water, but when the wind began to pick up you could see the snow dancing across the sand.  It was something you would expect to see in an arctic landscape, but it happened right here at the Jersey Shore.

There was a layer of clouds just above the horizon, so the sunrise took a little longer than normal, but it was well worth it.

We took many stills, but the time-lapse photo really showcased the reason why we stood out in the cold this morning.

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