A new study has proven what we already know: those of us in New Jersey curse a lot.

Like, a lot.

We curse so f***ing much in New Jersey that we have one of the highest foul language rates in the nation -- we ranked third behind Connecticut and f***ing Delaware.

This research comes from a study from the Netherlands that asked a couple of hundred people to track their use of, shall we say, "colorful language" combined with an even larger sample of Facebook conversations.

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And while we're close to being the f***ing potty mouth capital of America, there is some good news: all of those expletives mean were very honest.

The study says, "The spontaneous use of profanity is usually the unfiltered genuine expression of emotions, with the most extreme type being the bursts of profanity."

Translation: when someone tells you the shirt you're wearing is the "ugliest f***ing thing they have ever seen" in a diner parking lot at 2 AM as only someone from New Jersey would, that's probably a pretty honest assessment of what you are wearing.

And as it turns out, swearing like a sailor might be good for you. The study goes on to say, "...profanity may also be seen as a positive if it does not inflict harm but acts as a reliever of stress or pain in a cathartic effect."

All kidding aside, the study (minus all of the technical psychological bulls***) is pretty interesting to read.

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