A recent report tells many Jersey Shore residents what they already knew. New Jersey is among the worst run states in America.

The research was done by 24/7 Wall St., which ranked each state on a number of criteria, including unemployment, poverty and pension funds to determine the best and worst run states in the nation.

New Jersey was neither. The best run state turns out to be Oregon, and the worst run state is Louisiana, but the Garden State it turns out is much closer to worst than best, ranking 37th.

So what put us squarely in the bottom 15? I'll give you one guess. It's the money, of course. We are behind the nation on many key economic factors, but none as glaring as our pension funded ratio, which is the absolute worst in the nation.

New Jersey is also in the middle of the pack when it comes to economic growth and unemployment rates.

Well, none of us moved here or stay here because it's a cheap place to live, so we shouldn't be surprised by results like these. but looking on the bright side, the people are awesome, the beaches are amazing and the pizza is the absolute best.

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