Are you a musician?  It may have more health benefits than you thought!  Not a musician?  Maybe it's time to pick up an instrument!

A recent study from Nina Kraus, professor of neurobiology, physiology and communication sciences at Northwestern University in Evanston, IL,  at the school’s Auditory Neuroscience Laboratory has concluded that musicians are less likely to suffer from age-related memory and hearing loss than those who do not play a musical instrument.

Says Kraus:

As a musician, you get very good at pulling out important information from a complex soundscape... The orchestra is playing and you are pulling out the violin line, or the base line, or some harmony. You are always pulling out meaningful components from sound and that’s really not all that different from hearing your friend’s voice in a noisy restaurant

To read Kraus' full article click HERE.

Are You A Musician?

Do you feel that you have a better memory and hearing than your non-musician counterparts?  Anyone looking to pick up an instrument after reading these results?

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