😣 New Jersey moves to ban 'boom cars'

😡 Boom car parties can literally shake the ground and rattle windows

🚨 Police could impound these vehicles, and destroy them

With music so loud it literally shakes the ground and rattles windows, the 'boom car' is being targeted by state lawmakers in New Jersey.

Residents along the Delaware River are all too familiar, often calling police to complain about late night music so loud it shakes them awake and makes their house shudder.

Assemblyman William Spearman (D-Camden) says it's a bigger problem and one that is making noise all over New Jersey. Spearman is sponsoring bill that would allow police to confiscate, and even destroy, these giant boom boxes on wheels.

Proposed NJ law targets boom cars/Canva
Proposed NJ law targets boom cars/Canva

Currently, all police can do is write a ticket for a noise violation, but Spearman's bill (A4686) would classify boom cars as a 'nuisance vehicle.' That would give police the right to impound the vehicle.

The Assembly Law and Public Safety Committee voted unanimously on Monday to advance the bill for a full vote. The Senate has an identical bill (S3131.)

Penalties are also increased to include stiffer fines and motor vehicle points for repeat offenders.

A 'boom car' would be defined as any vehicle in which sound is plainly audible at a distance of 50 feet or more.


While the legislation, if signed into law, would give New Jersey police greater power to stop the noise in the Garden State, police officials who testified in favor of the bill said others states will have to act as well. They hope Pennsylvania will follow New Jersey's move to outlaw boom cars that can be heard on our side of the Delaware.

The Facebook page 'I Hate Boom Cars' targets rolling loudspeakers
The Facebook page 'I Hate Boom Cars' targets rolling loudspeakers

Sen. Troy Singleton, (D-Burlington), said boom-car parties are common in Philadelphia and can be heard miles away on both sides of the Delaware River but that they also occur less frequently in New Jersey – and should have “real consequences.”

“It’s no secret that “boom car” parties have negatively affected the quality of life in towns up and down the Delaware River for years,” Singleton said. “Residents, even those miles away from the Delaware River, can feel the bass vibrating their homes, which torturously keeps them awake all night long.”

Under this bill, municipalities could pass an ordinance declaring illegally operated boom cars – as they can for ATVs and dirt bikes – an immediate threat to the public health, safety and welfare and designate them as contraband subject to forfeiture. And such contraband could be disposed of or destroyed.

Eric Scott is the senior political director and anchor for New Jersey 101.5. You can reach him at eric.scott@townsquaremedia.com

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