There are a lot of empty buildings in Ocean County.

Brick Township has several that need to be filled. Before the pandemic some buildings were empty, but since Covid, more and more businesses and restaurants have closed.

The building was the old Fins. There needs to be something good for Brick. The Laurel Square Shopping Plaza is trying to fill stores. At Home is an excellent store. A supermarket is needed and Wegman's and Trader Joe's are wanted in this location. There definitely needs to be a possible good restaurant.

Sue Moll, Townsquare Media
Sue Moll, Townsquare Media

Does Brick need another restaurant? It looks like some work is being done on at least one of these buildings. Is there any information out there, on what will be moving into these two buildings?

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I do remember Laurel Square on Rt. 88 in Brick when the shopping plaza was full of stores when Kmart was there. There was a supermarket in that plaza and several listeners have said it was very easy to get to and convenient for residents that lived by the plaza.

So, the questions are, "Does anyone know what's going in here?" And, what does Brick need and want?" Let us know if you know. Here's a look at the Laurel Square Shopping Plaza and this building.

I know from being on several Brick Facebook pages, there are so many restaurants and stores that already bring traffic. Lately, Brick has been so crowded, from Rt. 70, Brick Blvd., Rt. 88, and all in between. It's been crazy and I would say traffic is one of the biggest complaints.

If you were to put something in that plaza, what would it be? Have you heard of anything moving in there?

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