Recently driving on Route 9 in Toms River I noticed that the old 7-11 was still vacant and waiting for a new tenant, of course the question is who and/or what?

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This is a heavily traveled area, but like many 7-11 in Ocean County, things just didn’t work out. This one is a tough fit, I feel, because you not only have a convenience store…but a gas station as well. Whenever we see these stations closed the initial thought is “underground tanks”. These tanks pose a potential environmental issue and are also expensive to clean, remove or replace. This can definitely cause issues for potential future tenants.


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Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels


So now, like in many of these cases, the question is what to do next with this spot in Toms River on Route 9 heading towards Lakewood. Easy answer would be another convenience store with gas station, like Wawa, Quick Check or dare I say…Sheetz?

We have talked about Sheetz before and it seems like you wanted one here in Ocean County. So maybe this is a prime candidate? I guess if you were inclined to write Sheetz maybe suggest this location alone Route 9?

The other option, in my opinion, would be to eliminate the convenience store and gas station completely, demolish and clean-up site and replace with something completely new. This will take some money probably and for that reason it wouldn’t be surprising to see a big company come in and make a move as opposed to a “Mom & Pop” type set-up.

What do YOU think? We’d love to hear your feedback. Post your thoughts below 👇🏻


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