In this article, we want to throw out the question "what do we really need in Toms River?" a chance for YOU to sound off and let us know what we would benefit from, being added to our community here in Toms River Township.

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Toms River is a great town and I love being located right here in Downtown Toms River, with our Townsquare Media Studios located at 8 Robbins Street. It's great being right in the Downtown district. There is always a lot of activity and the Downtown district continues to evolve and grow. It's great to see Downtown Toms River coming back to life... following the pandemic.

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So the question is, moving forward, what are we lacking here in Toms River? not just "downtown" but throughout the township. What do we need here in Toms River?

The best way to find out is to ask YOU and as always YOU have given me a lot of suggestions and ideas to help Toms River :) Thank You!

Michael: A skateboard Park... Activities like Basketball ... Gymnastics .... my favorite ... Swimming and Diving .... kids today spend too much time playing video games ...

Lori: A good (non-chain) seafood restaurant

Pallet Pete: Cracker Barrel

Allisscool Christian: Healthy Cafes, Organic food stores, More Farmers Markets...Business Owners who CARE more about their Customers/others than Money

Stephanie: An indoor flea market

Buffy: Sonic

Kris: Another Dollar store, Starbucks, Dunkin Doughnuts etc! Definitely don’t have enough of those

Adam: Can’t believe another Pizza Hut coming into Silverton unreal.

Joe: Cheaper taxes

Kate: Wegmans, Trader Joe’s

Beerking: A good Bakery

Cynthia: The roads fixed. No more construction. Taxes lowered

Jennifer: Less taxes, politics, construction, and corruption

Rose: Christmas tree store

Dawn: People that use their directionals

Meg: Hobby lobby !!!!!

Carole: A park where you can walk with a sidewalk

Ted: Dog park. Southern or Texas-style BBQ. Express buses to downtown Manhattan

Bob: Dave and Busters

John: Dave and Busters

Deb: Cracker Barrel


Lots of comments, those are just a few. What do YOU think we need in Toms River? Post Your comments below after you scroll through these great New Jersey towns photo gallery....


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