Tourists and sightseers will no longer get to experience the epic sight that was the view from the One Liberty Observation Deck in Philadelphia.

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If you've never gotten the chance to go check out what One Liberty is all about, let us help you out, by means of their Instagram:

What. A. VIEW!

The observation deck has been open just shy of six years now, opening back in 2015 around Thanksgiving. Unfortunately for both Philadelphia residents and the city's frequent visitors from the likes of South Jersey and the surrounding Pennsylvania suburbs, that view is to be experienced no more. confirmed the closure on Tuesday, September 28th, referencing a post One Liberty shared on their social media.

The truth behind the reason for One Liberty Observation Deck's closure has everything to do with the COVID-19 pandemic. Rather, the lockdown that was enforced as a result of the pandemic. School field trips to the observation deck stopped, as did day trips, in general. The observation deck took a hard hit as a result and, apparently, couldn't bounce back with enough "oomph" to sustain themselves.

Now, new visitors to the city won't know the wonder you could once experience by gazing out 57 stories above the city. As the many pictures on its various social media pages show, the views go on forever. Tourists really are getting robbed of an amazing experience. Yet another excursion that's disappeared all thanks to the coronavirus.

To find out more about the closing of Philly's One Liberty Observation Deck, click HERE.

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