It's times like these when I wish spotted lantern flies could see how much we're fed up with them!

Spotted lanternflies have been plaguing the Northeast again since spring, and it doesn't look like their numbers will drop significantly until the deep winter, according to experts. So right now, after having endured them flocking tall buildings, peppering our sidewalks, pooping on our houses, and laying eggs on hard surfaces, they're still not going away - yet!

Spotted lanternfly on maple tree
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Experts are saying they won't start to die in large numbers until temperatures drop down to about 30 degrees, which likely won't be until December. Their eggs (if not scraped away) will survive to hatch next spring. More about those findings here!

At this point, the situation is like a Chris Pratt alien invasion movie where humanity has to  band together to eradicate them and save the world before they lay eggs in their secret hidden lairs.

....Or like an episode of Maury or Steve Wilkos where the individual in question is a boisterous, vain, obnoxiously disruptive and unruly delinquent who's here to cause drama and they don't care how you feel about it.

And that's the direction Saturday Night Live took over the weekend during its Season 48 premiere to perfectly depict just how we feel about the spotted pest. Bowen Yang (who, in my opinion, is currently one of the funniest cast members), hilariously personified the annoying bug.

Credit: Saturday Night Live via YouTube
Credit: Saturday Night Live via YouTube

In the clip, Yang joins Michael Che during the Weekend Update segment, donning a ridiculous, yet impressively-designed spotted lanternfly costume and proceeds to behave ridiculously - yelling at the audience and pledging to defecate, fornicate and reproduce as much as he pleases. He even dukes it out with an ear of corn!

Whenever I see a spotted lanternfly from now on, I'll be hearing Bowen Yang yelling in my head.

Check out the video down below!

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