Just when you felt like the middle of winter was here and spring was a lifetime away, signs of spring are emerging at the Jersey Shore.

We all know that the holidays come in groups these days. You have back to school supplies at the same time as Halloween costumes. And before the costumes are all sold the turkey decorations and Christmas trees are everywhere.

But before you complain about that practice, it does work in reverse too. Just this weekend, I saw garden supplies right next to the Valentine's candy. I never thought I'd be so happy to see gnomes next to red teddy bears.

There were painted flower pots next to the big heart-shaped boxes of chocolate and ceramic turtles right there next to the plastic roses. You see, everything evens out in the end, right? Can St. Patrick's Day be far behind?

So don't let all the red romantic stuff fool you. Here at the Jersey Shore, spring is right behind Valentine's Day, literally.

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