Your odds of winning a New Jersey Lottery jackpot are pretty slim. But these days it seems like it almost might be easier to hit the Pick 6 than get an appointment for a COVID-19 vaccine.

Gov. Phil Murphy said Monday that state officials are aware of the problem and “we are ready to kick into high gear whenever our supply increases.”

“I know it’s exasperating and we keep asking for you to have patience,” state Health Commissioner Judith Persichilli said. “But we’re weeks behind in having available appointments because of the availability of vaccines.”

State officials are telling people to pre-register on the state vaccine site as well as on their county sites, which are not always connected to the state.

“Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to get an appointment," Persichilli said about the county sites.

Persichilli said if you have tried to make a COVID vaccine but have been unable to get one, keep trying.

“More vaccine will arrive in the coming weeks and months," she said. "Additional vaccine manufacturers like Johnson & Johnson will likely be approved in the coming weeks, adding to our vaccine supply.”

Murphy stressed “patience right now is going to need to be our watchword."

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