Zoom meetings and video conference calls. They were all the rage when the pandemic began. But nine months later?

Video call fatigue has been setting in among many employees, and their bosses.

A new Robert Half survey found 38% of workers are fatigued and burned out by video calls since the start of the pandemic. Robert Half Regional Vice President Dora Onyschak also said 26% of employees believe the practicality and novelty of video calls have worn off. Nearly 25% think video calls are inefficient and would rather communicate in other ways, such as by email or phone.

When the pandemic started, employees wanted video calls to stay in communication with their employers and colleagues, said Onyschak. But now, after months of working at home and meeting virtually, many say these calls are not always necessary. Too many calls during the day can be exhausting and unproductive, workers report.

Workers also said their biggest pet peeve when it comes to video conference calls is technical issues. Onyschak advised testing the technology — get in the habit of joining the video call a few minutes early in case there are any issues.

Some also complained there are just too many participants in some video meetings,The invite list should be limited, Onyschak said. When there are too many people in a video call, not everyone has a voice and things may become a little chaotic, she said.

Onyschak  also suggested employers assess whether a meeting is necessary to be had via video or can it be a conference call via phone.

Try to fight the temptation to multi-task during a video conference call, she advised. Instead, think of the call as an in-person meeting. Onyschak said it's wise to keep your microphone off when someone else is speaking. When it's your turn, flip the mic on, talk, then mute yourself afterward.

Employers can find ways to spice up video call meetings to prevent fatigue. She said they could host virtual happy hours, play game or hold some other ice-breaking events at the start of meetings without taking up much time.

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