Things are a little dicey in this popular Jersey Shore town.

Spring Lake made 5,500 2021 season beach badges available for the upcoming season. A premium price of $110 each was tacked on.

It was reported by that all of those season passes to the Spring Lake sand have been sold. It's left many puzzled and aggravated as very few even knew that beach badges had gone on sale.

The only notice given was last month in a Spring Lake newsletter to residents.

Some are accusing the town of selling the badges on the down-low to keep non-residents off the 2-mile stretch of beach.

This has left out-of-towners near and far upset and feeling discriminated against.

Town officials are blaming COVID, saying that the sellout is due to fewer season passes being available this season.

There are always two sides to the story. Spring Lake officials told that over half of the 2021 season passes were sold to 'out-of-towners.' They added that more year-round badges would be made available if coronavirus cases subside.

Alleged 'beach discrimination' is not a new problem and exclusive to Spring Lake. There's an actual law that makes beach town exclusivity illegal. You can check out the Public Trust doctrine and state law.

If Spring Lake is your beach, you're not completely out of luck for the upcoming summer season. Daily $10 badges will be available to the public.

I can say I heard absolutely nothing about season beach badges going on sale in Spring Lake. It is a little curious, but I'm taking the town officials at their words.



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