About a month ago I found out there was a cemetery in Ocean County Park for the Sheriffs Department K-9s that have gone over 'The Rainbow Bridge'.

To my surprise, I wasn't the only one who was unaware of this because over the years it got overlooked.  Now, along with the Toms River Lions Club, the Eagle Scouts and very caring citizens, we are going to make this 1/4 acre of land befitting of our K9 officers who everyday of their lives were there to protect ours.

I want to thank Mary Townsend and Sargent John Adams with the Ocean County Sheriffs K-9 unit for giving me the honor of being a small part of this, and together this will become a beautiful, serene resting area for these puppies.

And on a personal note -John, I promise to hold your secrets as a child in my heart - Erica said the statute of limitations is up so she spilled ALL the beans!

Listen to Mary Townsend from the Toms River Lions Club & Sergeant John Adams from Ocean County Sheriff's K9 unit on Bob & Marianne in the Morning: