Ask 157 people about their favorite coffee and you'll hear a wide array of completely different opinions and answers.  Ask 157 people if they'd prefer paying three dollars for a cup of coffee or FREE dollars and the answer would be unanimous: FREE is for me!  Luckily for some of you, 157 people will score FREE coffee for a year.

A coffee a day could be coming your way via a promotion from QuickChek called "QuickChek Free Coffee for a Year Sweepstakes".  If you love a hot cup of coffee, any size, or iced coffee, then this is a contest you may love.  QuickChek will be selecting 157 winners, which coincides with their total number of locations. The company also boasts that its coffee is dang good. They say "QuickChek’s guaranteed fresh brewed coffee was named “Best in America” in a national consumer survey." Click here for all the info on how to enter and win.

“The holiday season is a time when we want to show our appreciation, so we want to give some of our most loyal customers a very special gift as we head into the New Year,” said QuickChek CEO Dean Durling.

While we're at it, Starbucks is offering frontline workers free coffee in December. Nicole Murray from 94.3 The Point has the scoop here.

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