Most people in the Garden State pay attention to the details, so we probably think when it comes to energy efficiency, we're up there with the best states. Truth is, we're pretty good, but maybe not as efficient as we think we are.

According to a report released by WalletHub, which ranked each state in America on energy efficiency, we're in the top half of state, but we're not as high as you might think. We rank as the 16th most efficient state in the country.

So, how did they determine these rankings? Two main categories, home efficiency and auto efficiency were graded. All states except Hawaii and Alaska were ranked, due to lack of data in those two states.

For the record, here are the Garden State's rankings in those two major categories...

Home Efficiency...New Jersey ranks as the 20th most efficient state in the nation.

Auto Energy Efficiency. The Garden State ranks 19th nationwide in this category.

The good news is there are definitely things you can do to increase your energy efficiency. We've heard all about some ways from our friend Tom Hayes from New Jersey Natural Gas. At NJNG they continue to expand energy efficiency programs.

Their programs have helped save money, conserve energy and are better for the environment. They have recently provided over 5000 energy saving kits to limited income customers. Check out all the tips they give and services they provide at the New Jersey Natural Gas website.

For the record, one of the most energy efficient states in the nation is in our area. New York ranked #2 in the study, while Massachusetts was #3 and the most energy efficient state was Utah.

Take advantage of all the tips and hints and we can become even more energy efficient. 16th isn't bad, but we can do better, and save some money doing it.

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