The carousel at Seaside Heights' boardwalk Casino Pier has stopped turning, ahead of being refurbished and moved to a new location in a few years.

Final rides on the Dentzel/Loof Carousel wrapped up Sunday at 5 p.m., as announced on the Casino Pier Breakwater Beach Facebook page.

The attraction was built in 1910 and moved to Seaside Heights in 1932. It was expected to remain at its current location through the summer, according Seaside Heights Administrator Christopher Vaz.

He said there will be lots of activity around the attraction, as inspections and assessments are done in preparation for its eventual disassembly to be moved to a "working warehouse." There, restoration crews will do the first work since the carousel's last major overhaul in the 1980s, led by Dr. Floyd Moreland.

After full restoration and refurbishment, there's plans to relocate the landmark attraction a few blocks north, alongside the boardwalk.

At that time, the carousel will be reunited with the Wurlitzer Military band organ that has provided music for it for decades, Vaz said. The instrument has been undergoing repairs at a location in York, Pennsylvania.

The carousel's restoration process was delayed by an appeal of the Seaside Heights land exchange that cleared the way for its eventual new "home" Vaz said. The appeal had to make its way through the court system, until the New Jersey Supreme Court declined to take the case about a month ago.

As for the carousel's appearance, Vaz said they will aim to keep its current "look." He said when the last big overhaul was done, donations were made and some of the horses were named in honor of people. The borough wants to maintain the way current fans view the landmark.

Shore visitors worried about missing the carousel still can take photos by the motionless ride through the summer season.

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