SEASIDE HEIGHTS — The club where the "Jersey Shore" cast used to party is under the microscope and could close, if the borough administrator has his way.

Last week, the Seaside Heights Borough Council announced on the borough's website it would seek an emergency injunction against the operator of the Karma nightclub to suspend operations because it has no restaurant, in violation of its agreement to operate.

A restaurant called Savor announced in April it would not operate this summer, according to a message on the borough website.

"According to the land use board's 2008 approval, the licensee must operate a full restaurant service to be run by an independent restaurateur on the first level," the message read.

The Asbury Park Press reported that a restaurant called Chillz opened over Memorial Day weekend on the first floor.

Compounding the problem was a party event at the club called Hyperglow, which the club promoted via social media as "America's largest party." Police told the Asbury Park Press there were four calls for underage drinking and six overdoses at Karma on Sunday night, leading Borough Administrator Christopher J. Vaz to vow to the newspaper the club's liquor license would not be renewed.

The club, on its Facebook page, had nothing but praise for the party.

"Memorial Day Weekend was amazing and we never wanted it to end!," Karma said. "Thank You to our wonderful team of EMT's, licensed security, crowd managers, and event organizers for providing a secure event. We look forward to bringing you more in the near future!"

The post was accompanied by a video showing huge crowds and sparklers and a "thank you," but it's not clear when the footage was taken.

Club owner John Saddy told the newspaper there's nothing different this year about how he runs the club and blamed the town for coming after him.

"They called in all these cops for a bunch of kids dancing," he said.

The cast members of MTV's "Jersey Shore" were often shown on the show partying at the club during its run.


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