The southern part of New Jersey will be getting a new area code in the near future as the company charged with monitoring the phone lines predicts one of the most widely used codes will soon run out.

According to Neustar, 640 will be added to the part of the state currently under the 609 area code. The company predicted they will run out of numbers for the old code by the third quarter of 2018.

The addition of the new area code comes almost a decade after the 609 code was split with the addition of 856 in 1999. Unlike that change, the 640 code will be assigned to new customers in the part of the state currently using 609 rather than cutting out a new portion of the state.

Calling it an "overlay," Neustar said the new code will stretch from Princeton and Trenton down to the area near Atlantic City and Hammonton.

"The new Jersey Board of Public Utilities has directed all local exchange providers to activate the new area code to ensure the availability of numbering resources in a manner that is most efficient and least confusing for consumers, while minimizing possible disruption to consumers and businesses," a statement from the company said.

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