Out in rural Salem County, ironically on New Bridge Road, sits a 116-year-old bridge that I think is the coolest in our area -- and you have probably never driven on it.

Not too long ago, I found myself driving around Salem County. My travels took me between Elsinboro (where the heck is that?) and Quinton (that's next to 'where the heck is that?'), near the unincorporated village of Hancocks Bridge (population 254, in case you were wondering -- and I know you were). I saw a sign that said 'BRIDGE CLOSED' and off in the distance was an old bridge, so naturally I had to check it out.

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What I found was one of the coolest bridges in South Jersey and it has quite a history that dates back to 1905 (to put that in perspective, the Spanish Flu global pandemic was still over a decade away from happening and Edward C. Stokes was the Governor of New Jersey).

Bridge Built in 1905 in Rural Salem County, Closed Since 1991

If you are interested in this structure, a detailed look at its history can be found at historicbridges.org.

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