RWJ-Barnabas Health is offering New Jersey residents seeking recovery for whatever they need it for a chance to do so virtually during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The 'All Recovery Meetings' are held via zoom and over the phone throughout the week that runs like a peer support group, so everybody is welcome to join.

"Anybody is welcome, family, friends, people in recovery and any pathway to recovery," Eric McIntire, the Assistant Director of Recovery Services for RWJ-BH, tells WOBM News. "It's really just a support group of people welcoming one another in order to help them better their day, their lives and to talk about their situations and be able to vent."

McIntire says the facilitator of the meetings, who is also a recovery specialist, starts off with a word association game by mentioning 'recovery' and then opening the floor to everyone at the meeting to share what the word 'recovery' means to them.

"They would share a little bit about their experience and their journey on how that word or that situation worked towards their recovery and then it goes around the room," McIntire said. "Everybody is on mute and then you have the ability to raise your hand on the side of the group when you want to share. The facilitator would then un-mute that person and they would share a little bit."

If you don't feel comfortable sharing anything, you certainly don't have to, you can just sit in and listen.

"They're not obligated to speak if they don't want to," McIntire said. "If someone is on the fence about attending a meeting, they can just show up and listen."

McIntire said all the recovery specialists who are on the meeting also put their names and numbers in the chat box to give people an opportunity to discuss things one on one after the meeting.

The All Recovery Meetings started out slow with between 25-30 people in person prior to the pandemic but McIntire says since they've gone digital, they have between 80-90 people tuned in to the meetings.

Here is the information to virtually attend the RWJ-BH All Recovery Meetings:

12pm- 1pm ET
Meeting ID: 563 540 664
One tap mobile: +19292056099, 563540664# US (New York)

7pm-8pm ET
Meeting ID: 752 228 102
One tap mobile: +19292056099, 752228102#

12pm-1pm ET
Meeting ID: 115 612 901
One tap mobile: +19292056099, 115612901#

6pm-7:30pm ET
Meeting ID: 708 276 700
One tap mobile: +19292056099, 708276700#

12pm-1pm ET
Meeting ID: 804 406 743
One tap mobile: +19292056099, 804406743#

7:45pm-8:45pm ET
Meeting ID: 173 540 126
One tap mobile: +19292056099, 173540126#

3pm-4pm ET
Meeting ID: 770 326 034
One tap mobile: +19292056099, 770326034#

6pm-7:30PM ET
Meeting ID: 498 549 489
One tap mobile: +19292056099, 498549489#

12pm-1pm ET
Meeting ID: 722 363 460
One tap mobile: +19292056099, 722363460#

7:30pm-8:30pm ET
Meeting ID: 103 816 928
One tap mobile: +19292056099, 103816928#


12pm-1:30pm ET
Meeting ID: 946 6607 0314
One tap mobile: +19292056099, 94666070314#

6:00 PM to 7:30 pm ET
Meeting ID: 842 051 758
One tap mobile: +19292056099, 842051758# US (New York)


1pm-2:30pm ET
Meeting ID: 975 8488 5969
One tap mobile: +19292056099, 97584885969# US (New York)

7:00 PM to 8:30 PM ET
Meeting ID: 733 933 177
One tap mobile: +19292056099, 733933177# US (New York)

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