Wintertime is tough to get out and stay motivated.  It’s cold, and damp, and the last thing you would want to do is leave the comfort of your warm home to go for a run.

I can just feel it now, my lungs burning from the cold air.

Not to mention the snow.

Last winter, we had a few significant snowstorms that left our area with a mess for a while, but now, there is no need to think about that.  We are finally in Spring, and starting down the summer months.  Once there was the first hint of warm weather, it was time to pound the pavement.

I love to run and I have to be outside.  I tried the treadmill running, and that whole “running in place” just really doesn’t do it for me.  I get bored easily.  Listening to music does not help, while indoors.  Watching TV or a tablet is just so distracting.  I need to be outside.  Plus, running outdoors, you’re pushing your body more, in my opinion.

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Once it starts getting warmer, it becomes a lot easier to run around the Jersey Shore.  You cannot forget about the great scenery.

There are two boardwalks around the Jersey Shore that I love to run.  One is in the little beachtown in Lavallette, this boardwalk stretches over one mile.  Now, it's not a boardwalk you'd go to for games, like you would Seaside or Point Pleasant.  This is perfect for that run, walk, or biking (during the off season.

Google Maps
Google Maps

The other is a large strech of boardwalk near Belmar.  Great, wide open space along the ocean, with very little obstruction of the ocean.  In hte Belmar area, you are also able to run a good portion over a mile.


If you are really feeling motivated, you can run to Asbury Park.

Google Maps
Google Maps

There's no doubt the Jersey Shore has more options than the two I just mentioned but these are definitely my favorties, and this sure beats hitting a treadmill or pounding the pavement.

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