HILLSBOROUGH — As development began to increase in Somerset County in the mid 1970s, the idea of building a Route 206 Bypass road was first introduced.

After plenty of discussion, construction finally began on the 3.6 mile long roadway in 2011, and the center section of it was completed four years ago with money from the Transportation Trust Fund.

Nothing has happened since, but according to Steve Shapiro, a spokesman for the state Department of Transportation, the project will once again begin moving forward shortly.

“We’re about to advertise and go out to bid this fall for the remaining portion of the roadway, the northern section and the southern section, to connect it all,” he said.

The first section of the road, a 1.7 mile stretch, cost about $45 million, but Shapiro said it’s unclear how much the remaining work will cost.

He said the cost for the rest of the bypass will be at least partially federally funded, although some money from Transportation Trust Fund may also be used.

Shapiro noted the center of Hillsborough gets jammed during the morning and evening rush hours during the week, but also on weekends.

“Having this bypass will help take through traffic away from that area, it will move it more seamlessly, reduce congestion and increase safety,” he said.

Hillsborough officials plan to transform the existing section of Route 206 into what’s been described as a Town Center that will highlight local businesses and restaurants.

When completed, the bypass will extend from Old Somerville Road to Mountainview Road.

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