With the temperatures being what they have been this month at the Jersey Shore, any summer weekend will do, but we set out to find out which summer weekend we're most looking forward to.

So we reached out to you to ask which summer weekend is your favorite. That is quite an honor since the Jersey Shore is the summer capital of the world, making our favorite weekend a pretty big deal.

It would be easy to want to get the summer started so badly that you would automatically cast your vote for Memorial Day weekend. If you've been craving the biggest party of the summer, then you probably gave July 4th weekend the nod.

Maybe you're a realist and all you can think about is the traffic, crowds and lack of parking spaces, and deep down you are already yearning for the end of summer before it has even started. You must be the Labor Day weekend voters.

Well, whatever reason you chose, the votes are in and here are your results...

4th of July Weekend..............62%

Memorial Day Weekend........31%

Labor Day Weekend..............8%

I'm proud of you Jersey Shore. You voted for the party! I knew you wouldn't let us down. Thanks for all the votes, and by the way, if you're keeping track, we are only 63 days for Memorial Day weekend, 102 days from July 4th and 164 days until Labor Day. Let the countdown begin!

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