In the latest Jersey Shore poll we asked you just how much work is getting done this week and the results are in.

We all know that we all have a lot on our mind, and a lot to accomplish with just days left until Christmas, and according to you, work is not among the things we are accomplishing this week.

An overwhelming majority of Jersey Shore residents (77%) admit to getting less done at work those week as compared to a normal week. As a matter of fact, 8% of you readily admit to getting nothing done this week.

Before seeing the results, I thought there was a chance that a good portion of you might take advantage of less people in the office this week and get a lot done. That theory did not exactly pan out, although 23% did say they are getting more done this week than normal.

If you add the 8% who say they are getting the same amount of work done this week, then you do have 31% of Jersey Shore residents who would fall into the "productive" category this week.

So, our results show that two thirds of us are distracted this week, and frankly, who can blame us. There is a lot of pressure to get a lot of things done in a short amount of time, and there are only 24 hours in a day. Something has to give, right?

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