We love to have fun testing your knowledge of Monmouth County trivia. So. how did you do this time around.

Our latest Name The Monmouth County Town trivia question included an unprecedented six clues to help you along. We included names, reasons and dates to help you out. Let's find out how you did.

First, let's recap that bumper crop of clues we gave you...

Names...Hooper, Mechanicsville

Reasons it exists today...Eatontown, taxes

Dates...May 5, 1908 and June 16,1908

We thought the two clues that might lead you to the correct answer were taxes and Eatontown. Let's explain why.

According to this website,  this town, and the reason this town sought it's independence was because the residents didn't think they were getting their money's worth from the taxes they were paying to Eatontown.

That happened in 1908, and on May 5th of that year, an election was held to determine the town's future.  Based on the results of that election, the West Long Branch section of Eatontown Township became the independent Borough of West Long Branch on June 16, 1908. And that explains our "dates" clues.

We added Hooper in the "names" section because the town was known as Mechanicsville and also Hoopersville (named after the Hooper family), and we thought that might help you too.

So, if you guessed West Long Branch, then you get a Monmouth County gold star! Good work, and a big shout out to all of our friends in West Long Branch!

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