There have been a lot of firsts this year.   It started last spring with COVID-19 and I started wearing masks everywhere, washing my hands umpteen times, sanitizing around me, temperature checks at restaurants/bars and standing far away from people (awkward).  Along the way, I learned the value of take-out, delivery, and cooking at home.  Sadly, dining out was cut way down. Restaurants requiring us to take a COVID test may be the next first.  One restaurant and performance venue in New York City has already started. Here's what's up:

Starting this Tuesday, November 24th, New York City establishment City Winery will require all customers to take a COVID-19 test, which comes at a cost of $50 per person.  The restaurant says they will be "utilizing Antigen tests with BD Veritor analyzers which provide greater than 99% accuracy for negative results."  They say that all patrons will start with a wellness check, receive the nasal swab, a glass of "bubbles", and wait outside till their results are in.  So, how do you feel about this?

Some thoughts:

  • This is creative, I like that they're being proactive but is it too much?
  • HIPA!  If you're positive, everyone you're dining with knows.  Is that good?
  • Peace of mind.  If you're inside and negative, you gotta feel pretty good about behaving as you would pre-COVID, right?
  • $50 on top of the bill!  That's $200 for a party of four making it an expensive night out without food and drink.
  • Would THIS work here at the Jersey Shore?
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