His obituary like most of our conversations was brief and to the point.  Mark Creutzinger, 58 of Ship Bottom passed away suddenly on Friday, June 15, 2018.

It would go on to say that he was predeceased by his parents, survived by his daughters Sarah and Kelli, his granddaughter Ayla Sophia, his sister Kim Spence and her husband Richard and his niece and nephew.  Of course there is more.

Mark was a valued co-worker and loyal friend and we worked together for many years.  He came into the radio industry after years of selling print advertising and quickly become one of the best account executives I would ever work with.

I would often tell people if you want to know what type of worker Mark is then simply look at his desk.  Everything was neat and organized, files were always in the right place and even when he had dozens of accounts there was never a hint of chaos in his work life. He was buttoned up to the max.

He carried himself the same way, always well-dressed even though like me he preferred casual over formal.  Around here Mark was known for his Tommy Bahama shirts and he had a full collection of them. I wouldn’t be surprised if they sent him a Christmas card each year to thank him for his business.

Mark was not loud and boisterous and some might say he had a devilish sense of humor but he was great to work with.  If he was handling an account then you knew nothing would slip through the cracks and his clients knew that Mark would put their interests first.  He was simply very good at what he did for many years.

His sudden passing sent shockwaves to us at Townsquare Media and we are at a loss for words.  While there will be no public viewing there are plans to hold a memorial service on the beach in the near future.  He loved LBI and it’s not a surprise that the family requests those who want to can send donations in Mark’s name to Alliance for a Living Ocean.

While we grieve his loss, especially to Sarah and Kelli, we will do our best to think of him in happier times.  Behind the wheel of his Hummer, of course wearing a Tommy Bahama shirt and coming into the office with a Dunkin Donuts cup in his hand and a smile on his face.  Those thoughts will help ease our pain and most importantly I hope Mark is at peace.

Rest well my friend.


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