According to a social media report early on Monday afternoon, an unlikely meeting of mammals off of the Ocean County coast brought a whale and a boat into uncomfortably close quarters.

A post to the Friends of Seaside Park Facebook group just after Noon on Monday (June 8th) shows a beached vessel on the Seaside Park beach near D Street, and tells a wrong place at the wrong time story that thankfully ended OK for all involved.

The post shows a stranded boat and tells of a whale, possibly a humpback, that just happened to breach the surface of the water right where the boat was, throwing the occupants into the water and causing the boat to strand on the beach.

Thankfully, an update to the post says that all are OK, including the whale.

Check it out for yourself:

This comes only days after a drone photographer shared some breathtaking video of a humpback whale that was spotted in the Shrewsbury River about a week and a half ago that apparently surfaced in front of a boat in what was described as "a glancing blow".

That was followed by another humpback sighting just a little bit away in the waters off of Manasquan last week, as well.

You can read much more about the humpback whale sightings that we previously reported on by clicking here, and you can follow the Friends of Seaside Park story by clicking here.

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