I have been in celebration mode all week long.

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Kicking off Thursday, April 21st, marijuana can be legally sold recreationally in the Garden State! I never thought I would see this day come.

(Missed opportunity to not kick it off ON 4/20....but that's beside the point....) 

Recreational Use Of Marijuana Becomes Legal In Nevada
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A little refresher on how this will work:

If you click here, you'll see that you have to be at least 21 years old to legally purchase marijuana. Sorry youngins...

The forms you can recreationally purchase starting Thursday is flower, oils, tinctures and ingestibles like lozenges.


There is one major form that is NOT an option just yet and that is edibles like gummies or cookies. They've been open about this rule for months so I am not surprised. Do you agree with their reasoning?

Customers can buy up to 1 ounce in one transaction! You can have up to 6 ounces in your possession. For those of you who don't know, that's a lot.

But it will cost you.


According to another Point article, it was estimated that one ounce of weed would cost between $320 and $480 back in 2021.

There is hope for those numbers to go down because, "officials have suggested that prices will continue to lower as supply increases."

Plus, marijuana will be taxed 6.625% and, "70% [of the revenue made from tax] will go back to 'impact zones' - socially and economically disadvantaged municipalities that were harmed by the war on drugs."

Now you must be thinking: Where can I go to buy my own weed this Thursday?

I found a list of all the marijuana dispensaries in New Jersey at NJ.Gov.

Just a heads up, not all of these dispensaries will offer recreational sales but more on this in a second.

Let's take a look:

All Of The Marijuana Dispensaries In The Garden State [2022]

Recreational marijuana sales begin Thursday, April 21st. Not sure where a Marijuana Dispensary is near you? Here is every single one in the garden state:

Again I will say: Recreational marijuana sales will NOT be taking place at all of the dispensaries listed above.

Which ones will offer recreational sales?

Basically, recreational sales will be happening at any dispensary located in a municipality that has given marijuana sales the green light.

smoking pot

According to NJ101.5, "The dispensaries that will have recreational sales are in Bellmawr, Bloomfield, Deptford, Edgewater Park, Egg Harbor Township, Elizabeth, Lawrence, Maplewood, Paterson, Phillipsburg, Rochelle Park, Vineland and Williamstown."

Also from NJ101.5, "Existing medical dispensaries that will not have recreational sales, at least initially, are in Atlantic City, Bordentown, Cranbury, Eatontown, Montclair, Neptune, Paramus, Secaucus, Union and Woodbridge."

Heather Randazzo
In this March 22, 2019 file photo, Heather Randazzo, a grow employee at Compassionate Care Foundation's medical marijuana dispensary, trims leaves off marijuana plants in the company's grow house in Egg Harbor Township, N.J. On Thursday, Nov. 19, 2020, New Jersey lawmakers advanced legislation to establish a new recreational marijuana marketplace, which voters overwhelmingly approved on the ballot earlier in the month, but differed in key details. (AP Photo/Julio Cortez, File)

I have a prediction.

Give people some time to see the economic benefits of having recreational marijuana sales happen in town, and that list of dispensaries I am sure will grow.

We are battling decades of a stigma but just wait.

Now could you be a dear and pass me a lighter?

And when you get a case of the munchies, here are some of plates I am sure you will be dying to have in front of you:

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Bring on the carbs...

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