Does it seem like every time you turn around there is something else on a recall list? 

Yesterday, I replenished my supply of hummus. I love hummus and it's always in my fridge. So, last night when 5pm rolled around I went into the kitchen for my last snack of the day, stood with the door open trying to decide, "okay, do I want hummus or pineapple"?  I chose pineapple .

At some point during the night Fox News reported, 30,000 cases of Sabre Hummus was recalled due to possible contamination of Listeria and to check your codes.  So, I checked my codes and they didn't match, but I am still leery of eating it and I will be for a long time. What bothers me most, is when I share with my puppies, not much but I do share. If something was to happen to one of them I'd never forgive myself.

Now, my question is, when something you enjoy gets recalled will you hesitate and think twice before eating it again? Any suggestions of what I can enjoy as a substitute for hummus(for now)? I know at some point I'll go back .


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