Call today’s segment ”rants from an old guy”

  • Yes when I was younger I liked my music loud but I don’t quite understand why it’s necessary to have the volume all the way up in your car so everyone on the road can hear it. Especially if you’re also an old guy.
  • I’ll say this again and again. With few exceptions wearing your hat backwards once you get to a certain age is just wrong.
  • While on the subject, same thing for wearing a sports jersey with an athletes name on it unless you are at a game. I’m not sure of the age. I used to think 30 but maybe 40 makes more sense.  Only thing worse is wearing a team jersey with your name on it. Should be subject to a fine.
  • I’m all for laws prohibiting smoking on the beach and boardwalk but what good does it do if nobody in the position to do so enforces it? Everyone who works for that town should be told to remind people nicely.
  • I must be getting old because I’m starting to find country music somewhat enjoyable. Either that or I hate all the other contemporary stuff. Give me the music of the 60s any day!
  • I think all fast food places with drive-ins should have two windows. One for those getting an item or two and the other for the lazy you-know-what’s who order meals for 10 and tie up the line for what seems like hours.
  • You can have the NBA Playoffs. I’ll take hockey’s Stanley Cup Playoffs.
  • I’m old enough to remember when Route 37 was a paved road. I know the state doesn’t have any money but some sections are badly in need of attention.
  • Do any kids say between the ages of 8-14 play sports when a team or uniform is not involved? You know with no adult supervision, just kids being kids.  I didn’t think so. Too much time playing video games.
  • Does anyone know what year the f-word became an acceptable part of everyday language?
  • It’s been months since anything came out in the movies that I felt compelled to see.
  • This was not what the two-party system was meant to be. We are getting a raw deal, plain and simple.
  • If only I knew then what I know now.

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