This is the time of year when so many of us are wondering if we got COVID, caught an old-fashioned cold, or if we have allergies.  If you were wondering if suffering from allergies is as likely as the other two scenarios,  then check out this photographic proof.

Photo credit: u/StatePlateSigns via Reddit
Photo credit: u/StatePlateSigns via Reddit

The photo above captured the clouds of pollen hovering over the pine barrens in all of their green, thick, allergy-inducing glory.  This picture really could be mistaken for a full-on forest fire caught on camera.  Plumes of pollen have been finding their way onto our cars, through our windows, and up to our noses.

This is what locals are saying on Reddit about all the pollen.  Is the pollen overwhelming you too?  It seems extra crazy this season.  I'm hearing that even people who traditionally do not have allergies are really suffering this year.  When you look at the areal view of the pollen clouds just hovering above our trees it is easy to see why.

Here is some feedback and an explanation about why there is nothing we can do about it.  In short, it is tree mating season.

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    Washing my car Saturday was apparently foreplay for the local pine trees.

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    I don't bother washing mine until pollen stops. I just hose it off knowing it'll just get covered back up in pollen at work

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    make it stop, someone make it stop

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    Turns out there's a low-grade covid going around right now that feels like allergies.

    Source: I have it. All my shots too.

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    Same on the parkway this morning south of Toms River. The shoulder was green and the whole road looked like it had a smoke haze over it

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    My street looked like a coating of green snow fell on it. You could see the tire tracks through it.

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    Wow, I literally just sneezed right before reading your comment.

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    I forgot to take my Claritin this morning. Needless to say, I hated myself all day, and my nose wishes to not be attached to my body anymore.

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    I was kayaking near Batsto on Sunday. Beautiful day. I kept thinking that it was weirdly hazy. NOPE, POLLEN. It was wild.

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    Someone better just tape some bottles of Flonase directly to my nostrils at this point

  • 11


    It’s a tree orgy.

  • 12


    I was in a park the other day and I could see it falling from the trees like a really fine yellow snow

  • 13


    Bergen County

    Well, I hope those bees are happy!

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    I tried to wash my car today, but the shit would not come off. I guess it's to the car wash I go.

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    Morris County

    This explains so much. I went for my walk today and between the wind and the pollen, I wasn't able to go for as long as I wanted to.

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    I had my window open yesterday while working and couldn’t figure out why my keyboard was so dusty until I picked my fingers up and saw yellow:)))

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    What is the reason behind so much pollen? Can something be done about it?

  • 18


    We could pave over the Pine Barrens I guess…

  • 19


    It’s nature. No, nothing can be done about it.

    From Google: “Pollen Function Because trees are rooted in one spot, they must have a way to transfer genetic material from one tree to another. This transference of genetic material is called pollination. Pollen is the vehicle of transference. Each microscopic pollen grain contains the male genetic material”.

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    When sitting still in my car with the headlights on, it looks like it's snowing with the amount of pollen. Holy hell! My eyes are pasted shut from it.

  • 21


    I thought it was foggy yesterday afternoon.




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