Up to this point President Trump has shown an amazing ability to distance himself when things have gone bad around him but I have a feeling that his former lawyer Michael Cohen is going to be a thorn in his side that he can’t separate himself from.

Trump was too close to Cohen and his former campaign director Paul Manafort not to suffer some fallout over what developed this week.  The most damaging blow may be Cohen’s plea deal in which he admitted to paying a former porn star and urged the National Enquirer to make a similar payment to a former Playboy model to keep quiet about their affairs with Trump leading up to the 2016 Presidential election.

That is a clear violation of campaign finance laws and Cohen, while not mentioning Trump by name clearly let it be known he was directed to do so by the man who would indeed be elected President.  The timing of this could not be worse for Republicans as we are just two months away from the mid-term elections.

Speaking of elections, Andrew Cuomo is clearly going to be re-elected Governor of New York but he’s running an aggressive TV advertising blitz anyway.  If you believe what he’s saying he’s as close to perfect as anyone on the planet.  Cuomo has no shot of national office because his voice is like finger nails on a blackboard and you can only listen to him for so long….about the length of his commercials.

From the moment Ohio State University placed head football coach Urban Meyer on administrative leave while they investigated what he knew or didn’t know about domestic violence abuse involving one of his former coaches I predicted there was no chance he would get fired.

So when an announcement came Wednesday that Meyer would be suspended for three games I was not the least bit surprised.  Unless there was a true “smoking gun” the school was not going to fire Meyer because it would have cost them millions of dollars in buyouts in addition to losing one of the two biggest coaching names in the sport.

Meyer could have at least shown some sympathy for Courtney Smith, the victim in this case, during a news conference yesterday but seemed to be more concerned for his football program and Buckeye fans.  Why am I not surprised?


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