According to the CDC, there is currently an investigation regarding an outbreak of Salmonella Poona infections, possibly originating from imported cucumbers.

Just another one of my favorites added to the list.  Hummus, lettuce, tomatoes and spinach to name a few.

I love cucumbers.  I make a mean salad with them and now I can't: I'm afraid just like I was with the aforementioned vegetables.  It took me almost 2 years until I had the nerve to touch spinach again.

I know all these are recalled from specific locations, but it STILL makes you stop and think twice about eating them.  If it happened to them what's stopping it from happening to anything from anywhere?

I'm leery about fruit, chicken, fish and eggs too.  Not so much with red meat because I don't really eat it, but the rest of these foods I survive on.

Do reports like these scare you away from eating the foods you love?


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