I went to the grocery store last week with my wife, and after getting a solid shopping cart full of meat, produce snacks, and other things it came out to be about $120.

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Not the craziest grocery bill we've ever had, but usually, we're able to keep it under $100 dollars.

Being a household of two helps with that, but even still we've noticed the steady increase in cost over the past few months.

Chicken and other meat are the biggest culprits, and I'm a big fan of fruits and veggies and those aren't cheap anymore either.

Photo by Karyna Panchenko on Unsplash
Photo by Karyna Panchenko on Unsplash

Fortunately, one grocery store has our best interest in mind, and it's a move that I've never seen a store like this take.

I usually shop at Shop N' Save off 37, sometimes I hit the ACME in Seaside Heights, and if I can, the Shop Rite in Toms River is also great.

That being said, it may be time to switch it up in order to try and save more at check out!

According to the experts at Eat This Not That, this store is already known for giving shoppers deep discounts on everyday essentials.

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Apparently, you can get some higher-end products and also get what you need to feed the family for the week all without breaking the bank.

The store's plan as of now is to decrease prices on more than 100 products.

What Store In New Jersey Is Getting Ready To Cut Prices?

As I said, I haven't been here but will have to change that; maybe you're already a frequent shopper here.

They have three locations in Ocean County, and over 170 stores nationwide.

Lidl, according to Eat This Not That will be slashing prices on hundreds of everyday items to fight inflation.

Photo by K. Mitch Hodge on Unsplash
Photo by K. Mitch Hodge on Unsplash

What Are The Price Cuts At Lidl Going To Look Like?

Eat This Not That reports that the price cutting could take off anywhere between twenty cents and a dollar on certain products when the new prices go into effect.

Those cost cuts aren't just going to be on the bare basics either, it looks like pizzas, even tea and lobster cakes could see discounts.

I know that twenty cents or a dollar may not seem like a lot, but it'll add up at check out and it could be the difference between getting a name brand item instead of a store brand due to the savings.

When Will Lidl's Price Cuts Go Into Effect?

Sooner than later believe it or not.

Starting September 28th, consumers will start to see price slashes throughout the store.

Photo by Blessing Ri on Unsplash
Photo by Blessing Ri on Unsplash

On average, Lidl found that you'll save about 11 percent on groceries when you shop the discounted products.

Grocery prices have increased over 13 percent due to inflation, so this will be a welcomed relief!

From 2021 to 2022: How Much More Expensive Are Groceries In New Jersey?

Inflation rates are insane and if you feel there is less money to go around, it is because you are right. Let's take a look at the numbers:

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