This weekend marks the start of baseball season, and it was time to take our annual favorite baseball team poll.

The voting only included major league baseball teams, so there was no voting for the Lakewood BlueClaws, even though, we all love them. So that leaves the Yankees, Mets and Phillies.

We took a similar poll last year and the results were a little surprising. The Mets top the list, followed by the Phillies, and then the Yankees in third place. This year's results had some definite differences.

The one thing this year's poll had in common with last year's was that the Mets once again grabbed the top spot, with 53% of the vote. Last year the Mets were # 1 with 38%. That's when the differences kicked in.

This year the Yankees came in second place (up from third last year) with 41% of the vote. Last year the Bombers got 29%. The Phillies took a big hit this year, coming in third with only 6% of the vote. Last year the Phils were 2nd with 33%.

The bottom line is your favorite team is your favorite team no matter how many people voted for them. The great news for all baseball fans is that a new season is beginning, Let the games begin!

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