As our Insta-Grand contest continues, we wondered what Jersey Shore residents do with a free thousand dollars.

So that became the topic of our latest Jersey Shore poll. If you suddenly had an extra thousand dollars in your hand, and you could do anything you wanted with it, what would you use it for.

Well, now the poll results are in, and the results will not exactly surprise you. Most Jersey Shore residents would put themselves on the back burner and use the cash for things like the kids and bills.

So here's how the voting broke down. About 7% say they would put the money toward a long needed and well deserved vacation, while another 7% would opt to stock up on necessities or take care of other necessities (medical, dental etc).

There were some people who would splurge on something for themselves (10%), and why not. You deserve to enjoy a free thousand bucks, right? The splurge is a rare and cherished thing.

Approximately 17% said they would put the grand right into a savings account and another 17% would choose to spend the money on the kids. Those two choices tied for the number 2 spot.

So what was the #1 answer in our poll? A whopping 37% of the people who responded to the poll said that thousand bucks would go straight to the bills. It would be a nice way to take care of those relentless bills, right?

Thanks to everyone who responded to the poll. We hope you have that extra grand soon! And remember to get all the details on our Insta-Grand contest!

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