When it comes to tourist season, the Jersey Shore has a unique way of handling it, and our latest Jersey Shore focused on the ways we do it.

According to your responses to our poll, the biggest changes Jersey Shore residents make when it comes to dealing with tourist season revolves around getting behind the wheel, or at least knowing when not to.

The top answer we got was a pretty simple one, and some good advice for a summer around here. Just avoid getting on the Garden State Parkway. That's exactly what 25% of us do in the summer.

Coming in at #2 was also some driving advice. Nearly 20% of us avoid doing errands on the weekend or for that matter, anything that involves driving on summer weekends at the Shore.

Rounding out the top 3 ways to get through a summer tourism season here at the Jersey Shore was avoiding the beaches on the weekends, but only 17% had that response.  Other answers in the top 5 included not going out to dinner on the weekends, and no changes at all (each got 14%).

And a little over 1 in 10 Jersey Shore residents actually said they would avoid the beach all summer long to avoid dealing with the crowds, etc.

So it looks like we're prepared. We have a plan and are ready to enforce it. Happy summer!!

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