There is nothing and I mean nothing worse than TV commercial that air for those seeking political office during election season.  When I’m home I watch the news around dinner time and the only commercials are for drugs (legal ones) and candidates.  Now I understand that TV stations are required to air these political commercials (as do radio stations by the way) but is there any proof that they actually help get someone elected?  None of the ones I have watched are for any elected offices in this area but I can tell you a few of them would send me to the other candidate regardless of who they are.

I don’t want to go into detail but just about every commercial for a Democratic candidate mentions abortion while the Republicans hang their hat on being tough on crime.  Sure there are some other points of discussion including candidates who are crooked, too liberal or too conservative and the like.  Rarely does someone talk about their credentials because it’s much easier to rip apart the other guy or girl.

There is no way the system was created for this bottom-feeding type of advertising but that’s what we get which is why we should not be surprised when those who get elected turn out to be useless.  We should demand better but we don’t which is our fault and why so many good people have no interest in holding political office.  Who could blame them?

So I will have to suffer for almost two more weeks with these nauseating commercials.  Or I can bypass the news, only watched shows I recorded or sports.  Now that’s not a bad idea.

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